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Performance characteristics of sand making machine

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        There is also a device called sand making mechanism sand machine, and what are the characteristics of the sand making machine? Below we give you slowly.


        Sand making machine equipment - sand making machine performance characteristics:


        Compared with other PCX sand making machine, third generation sand making machine and rod grinding machine, sand making machine has unique advantages. It is an ideal equipment for many large projects, and highlights the following points:


        1. The layout of the structure is reasonable, and there are two inspection ports on both sides of the crushing chamber, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance;


        2, smooth operation, small noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency;


        3, dry and wet materials can be grinding, fine crushing, no clogging;


        4, counterattack lining plate, impact block wear resistant materials, long service life;


        5, vortex cavity internal air circulation, dust pollution is small;


        6 、 installation methods are diverse, removable installation;


        7. The finished product is small in size, good in grain size and small in iron pollution.


        Sand making machine, whether in the field of sand or in the field of milling, is the preferred equipment for everyone, but also a new and efficient sand making equipment recognized in the industry, leading the development direction of sand making equipment industry!


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