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CYJS digital Pumping Unit
National Invention Patent No. 201210378596X


      Digital beam automatic balance pumping unit is a new special pumping unit jointly developed by our company, withdata acquisition and remote control function. It can automatically monitor the balance condition of the pumping unit, realize theautomatic determination and adjustment of the balance degree, reduce the peak torque of the reducer, and achieve the purpose of protecting the reducer and saving energy. At the same time, according to the size of oil well output, the best jig frequency can be found automatically, and the best energy saving effect can be achieved when the output is guaranteed. It is estimated that the power saving rate of the digital beam balance pumping unit has reached 46. As the machine realizes soft start and overload protection, it reduces the starting chronic load. At the same time, combined with the optimal balance judgment and jig frequency control technology, the capacit of well site power grid capacity can be reduced by 30%. The Company has technical tracking service by professional engineers. This series of pumps are suitable for the mining of medium and low viscosity crude oil and high water-content crude oil For viscous crude oil wells that are difficult to be mined under normal working conditions. the reducer and motor specifications can be appropriately increased with the cooperation of our company.