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Enterprise culture


"Enterprise culture"


Company philosophy - creating value, accumulating wealth and serving the society


Enterprise spirit - passion, enterprising, continuous efforts, ambition in transcendence


The five channels of the company’s concept - Product storming, quality culture, first-class environment, continue to promote the credibility of the company.


Key products to tackle the values of key product research is the foundation of the Qin star.


The guiding ideology of key product assault fortified positions -- Qin Jian star, mechanical sword, tree Qin star robot image.


Create a first-class environment - the work of all departments of the company, work environment and living environment, the implementation of the new "6S" management


Requirements: building civilized, clean, orderly, efficient and safe, and achieve the highest level of the industry and the human environment.


"Quality culture"


Qin Star Machinery Quality Policy - customer first, quality first, the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement.


The quality and value of Qin Xing robot quality is the life of Qin Xing robot.


The quality of moral concept of Qin Qin star robot - star, manufacturing, quality, the de.


Qin Xing robot quality code of conduct - honesty, trustworthiness, excellence, a good, zero defect.